At this beginning of 2016, it seems like a good time to round up my publications for 2015.  This year has been a wonderful start.

This is what I’ve had published in 2015:

On Feminism, non-fiction at the Bogman’s Cannon

First poems published, at Black Sheep Journal

First medical non-fiction, “The Bomb” at the Bogman’s Cannon

Interview with Tim O’Leary, of TV3 “Islanders”, for the Bogman’s Cannon

Medical non-fiction at the Bogman’s Cannon

Pick of the Month August 2015 at Ink, Sweat and Tears 

Poem publication at The Screech Owl

A Female Perspective on Art, at the Bogman’s Cannon 

Interview with Bethany W. Pope, for the Bogman’s Cannon

Interview with Derry O’Sullivan, for the Bogman’s Cannon

Interview with Wendy Cope, for the Bogman’s Cannon

Review of Trickster Crow, an IMRAM production, with Réaltán Ní Leannáin, for the Bogman’s Cannon

On Domestic Abuse, at the Bogman’s Cannon

On the NHS, at the Bogman’s Cannon

First Flash Fiction publication at Jellyfish Review

Being invited to be an editor at the Bogman’s Cannon has been great fun and expanded my horizons as a writer, while teaching me to be an editor. It also gives me the chance to showcase other people’s work that I find interesting. Additionally, I was one of the judges for the Bogman’s Cannon Irish People’s Poetry Prize 2015, which showcased the best of current young and radical Irish poetry.

What’s coming up in 2016?

There was an acceptance note in December for my first print poem, and I’m expecting that in January or February.  This is with an Irish publication, so am doubly delighted.

The academic chapter I wrote back in the summer of 2014 “How to Set Up an Obstetric High Dependency Unit” still has not gone to print.  This is a medium sized medical textbook, with multiple contributors and two editors.  There will however, be pictures, once I get a copy in my hands.

Delighted to say that my work as an editor and writer for the Bogman’s Cannon will continue this year.

Thank you to you, my readers, for your continuing interest and support. Happy New Year to you all!

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