About Barbara O’ Donnell


As I was lucky enough to grow up in a house full of books, I’ve been an avid reader from a young age and started writing outside of school in my early teens.

Publications and projects to date:

2019 – poems published at Atrium Poetry, Dear Reader and in an anthology from Culture Matters – Children of the Nation: An Anthology of Working People’s Poetry from Contemporary Ireland. Selected for a masterclass with Carol Ann Duffy and Michael Wood at Moniack Mhor in Scotland.

2018 – publications at South Bank Poetry and Poetry 24.

2015  – first pieces of poetry published at Black Sheep Journal, The Screech Owl, Ink, Sweat and Tears and Skylight 47.  A first piece of micro fiction was also published at Jellyfish Review.

2015- 2016 – contributed pieces to the Bogman’s Cannon.  This included conducting interviews and a non-fiction strand, largely but not entirely medical.

2014 – completed my first technical writing project. More details on that to follow.  

Previous projects have included writing reviews of nursing textbooks for Nursing Times online in the UK.

In daily life, I work as an Anaesthetic Team Leader in a London teaching hospital. This includes providing a service that gets into many areas of the hospital, looking after a team of twenty, running the main floor and more besides.

Writing, for me, unites art and science. Specific interests include poetry, linguistics, folk/fairy tales and their traditions, as well as medical writers who write about their work. 

After spending a summer living in New York City at 18, I took myself on the road –  India, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, New Zealand, Fiji, the Cook Islands, Mexico, the US and Tunisia.

The trip to Nepal included participating in medical research as part of the Caudwell Extreme Everest expedition. This research was into the effects of hypoxia (low oxygen), and intended to help expand understanding of the processes involved in critical illness.  The travel blogs I wrote as messages home, based on the Guardian’s “Passnotes” format, are also published here.

The main blog header image of my hometown, Bantry, is by Nicholas O’Donnell Photography.

Please note that all materials contained within these pages are copyrighted by Barbara O’Donnell (unless otherwise noted), and cannot be used without permission.  

All opinions expressed here are my own and are not intended to be reflective of any organisation I work for.  

4 thoughts on “About Barbara O’ Donnell

  1. dear girl, can this possibly be you? silly question – all i needed to see was “kiss the accent”. looks like you are brilliant and blooming as ever. drop me a line, will you?

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