Running out on the Hill………..Himalayan Dispatch

So what’s this Everest Base camp trek about then? Pilgrimage or punishment, depending on your point of view on the day.  Oh, and being a medical research guinea pig.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. “Gym” had previously been a dirty word in my house. (Remind me again why I signed up for this?)

However, you know you don’t need the psychiatric referral when…… The Everest marathon runners bound past you on the trail. The marathon is 42km – Everest Base camp to Namche Bazaar, over some interesting terrain.

So what does lack of oxygen really feel like? A bit like you’re drunk.  A legal high (if you will).

You know you’re at 4,200m when……….. You go to change your socks, and put your boots back on, without actually changing one of them.

Wasn’t it bone numbingly cold? Only really at Base Camp at night. Tents perched on top of the glacier, and you get some good close-up’s of ice crystals in your tent.

And don’t folk get sick? (Remind us again why anyone in their right mind would do this?) Acute Mountain Sickness is one of life’s last great mysteries – you can’t tell who’s going to suffer.  Getting sick (as I did) may have helped the research.

Wouldn’t want to have a fear of heights either then? Getting over suspension bridges, was, for me, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, and A Course in Miracles (in action!).

The word of the day was? Bistaari – meaning slowly. (Too right!)
And what does the M in Group M stand for? Marvellous Mates, Mountain (sickness), and plain ‘ole Mad.

A very big thank you to Group M, and my friends at home. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you all.

Written 17/06/07